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Solo & orchestra



Works for piano with orchestra



W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)

    Concerto No.21 in C major, KV 467


L. van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)

   Concerto No.2 in B-flat major, op. 19

    Concerto No.3 in c minor, op.37

    Fantasy for Piano, Chor and Orchestra c-Moll op. 80


F. CHOPIN (1810-1849)

   Concerto No.1 in e minor, op.11


F. LISZT (1811-1886)

   Concerto No. 2 in A major



S. RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)

    Rhapsody on the theme by Paganini, op.43


S. PROKOFIEV (1891-1953)

    Concerto No.2 in g minor, op.16




Works for Piano Solo



J.S. BACH (1685-1750)

    The Well-Tempered Clavier BWV 883:

    Vol. 1 Preludes and Fugues: in C major, in c sharp minor, in d minor, in e flat minor,

    in G major, in B flat major, in b flat minor

    Vol. 2 Preludes and Fugues: in c sharp minor, in d minor, in f minor, in G major

    Toccata in d minor, BWV 913

    Partita in G major, BWV 829


D. SCARLATTI  (1685-1757)

    Sonata in d minor («Toccata»)

    Sonata in b minor


J. HAYDN (1732-1809)

    Sonata in D major, Hob. XVI No.37

    Sonata in g minor, Hob. XVI No.44

    Nine small early Sonatas


W. A. MOZART (1756-1791)

    Sonata in B flat major, KV 281

    Sonata in G major, KV 283

    Fantaisie in d minor, KV 397


L.van BEETHOVEN (1770-1828)

    Sonata No.4 in E flat major, op.7

    Sonata No.8 in c minor, op.13

    Sonata No.12 in A flat major, op.26

    Sonata No.21 in C major, op.53

    Sonata No.24 in Fis major, op.78

    Fantaisie in g minor, op.77


M. von WEBER (1786-1826)

    “Perpetuum mobile” from Sonata in C major, op.24


F. SCHUBERT (1797-1828) - F. LISZT (1811-1886)

    2 Songs: «Der Doppelgänger», «Der Erlkonig»


F. MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847)

    Songs without words: in f sharp minor, op.67 No.2, in g minor op.102 No.4


F. CHOPIN (1810-1849)

    Etudes op.10: No.1 in C major,  No.2 in a minor, No.3 in E major, No.4 in

    c sharp minor, No.5 in  G flat major, No.8 in F major, No.12 in c minor

    Etudes op.25: No.1 in A flat major, No.5 in e minor, No.6 in g sharp minor, No.10 in

    b minor, No.11 in a minor, No.12 in c minor

    Ballade No.1 in g minor, op.23

    Ballade No.4 in f minor, op.52

    Barcarolle in F sharp major, op.60


R. SCHUMANN (1810-1856)

    Sonata No. 2 in g minor, op.22


F. LISZT (1811-1886)

    Impromptu F sharp major

    From «Années de pélerinage»,  Book 1 - Switzerland: Orage, Valée d´ Obermann

    Transcendental Etudes: No.1 Preludio in C major, No.2 Molto Vivace in a minor,

   No.10 Allegro Agitato molto in f minor


C. FRANCK (1822-1890)

    Prelude, Fugue and Variation in b minor (arr. Igor Zhukov)

    Prelude, Choral and Fugue in b minor


J. BRAHMS (1833-1897)

   4 Ballades op.10

    Rhapsodie in E flat major, op.119 No.4

    3 Intermezzi op.117

    6 Klavierstücke op.118


M. BALAKIREV (1837-1910)



P. TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893)

    From “The Seasons”, op.37-bis: June,  October


I. ALBENIZ  (1860-1909)



I. ALBENIZ (1860-1909) - L. GODOWSKY (1870-1938)



A. SCRIABIN (1872-1915)

   Etudes op.8:  No.3 in b minor, No.11 in b flat minor, No.12 in d sharp minor

    Preludes: op.13 No.1 in C major, op.16 No.4 in e flat minor, op.17 No.5 in f minor,

    op,17 No.6 in B flat major, op.22 No. 1 in g sharp minor

    Valse op.38

    Three Etudes op.65

    Vers la Flamme op.72

    Two Dances op.73

    Preludes op.74


S. RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)

    Moment musicaux in b minor op.16 No.3

    Preludes op.23: No.5 in g minor, No.8 in c minor

    Preludes op.32: No.1 in C major, No.5 in G major, No.8 in a minor, No.10 in b minor,

    No.11 in B major

    Etudes-tableaux: in c sharp minor op.33 No.8, in a minor op.39 No.2, in f sharp minor

    op.39 No.3

    Vocalise op.34 (arr. Viktor Kuzovatov)

    Variations on the theme by Corelli, op.42


M. RAVEL (1875-1937)

   Jeux d´eau


B. BARTOK (1881-1945)

     Allegro Barbaro

    Sonate for Piano


S. PROKOFIEV (1891-1953)

    Etude in d minor, op.2 No.1

    Toccata in d minor op.11



    Aphorisms op.13

    Preludes and Fugues op.87: in f sharp minor, in g sharp minor

    Sonate for Piano No.2


O. MESSIAEN (1908-1995)

    Prelude «Un reflet dans le vent»


P. SANCAN (1916-2008)

    Toccata in f sharp minor


Eduard ABRAMYAN (born 1923)

     Prelude in B major


Alexandar VLADIGEROV (1933-1993)

    «Dilmano Dilbero» Variations for Piano, op.2


Werner BÄRTSCHI (born 1950)

    «Pensando» from 5 Bagatelles for Piano


Tomislav BAYNOV (born 1958)

    Prelude for Piano





Solo Instrument with Piano


W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, KV 305


L. van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in D major,  op.12 No.1

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major,  op.12 No.2

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in c minor,  op.30 No.2

   12 Variations on «Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen»  for Violoncello and Piano

    7 Variations on «Bei Mannern welche Liebe fühlen» for Violoncello and Piano


F. Schubert (1797-1828)

   Variations on «Trockene Blumen» from «Die schöne Müllerin» D 802 for flute and



F. MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847)

  Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major (1838)


C. FRANCK (1822-1890)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major


B. SMETANA (1824-1884)

  «Z domoviny» Two Duos for Violin and Piano


J. BRAHMS (1833-1897)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in G major, op.78

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in d minor, op.108


C. SAINT-SAENS (1835-1921)

   Introduction and Rondo-Capriccioso, op.28

   Havanaise, op.83


A. DVOŘÀK (1841-1904)

   Romace in f minor,  op.11

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major, op.57

   Sonatina for Violine and Piano in G major, op.100


E. GRIEG (1843-1907)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in c minor, op.45


D. POPPER (1843-1913)

   «Ungarian Rhapsody» for Violoncello and Piano


G. FAURE (1845-1924)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, op.13 No.1


L. JANÀČEK (1854-1928)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano

   Dumka in c minor


C. DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in g minor


G. LEKEU (1870-1894)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in G major


J. SUK (1874-1935)

   Four  Pieces for Violine and Piano op.17


A. SCHOENBERG (1874-1951)

   Fantaisie for Violin and Piano op. 47


M. RAVEL (1875-1937)



S. Karg-Elert (1877-1933)

   Sinfonie Canzone for flute and piano


E. BLOCH (1880-1959)

   «From Jewish Life» for Violoncello and Piano


B. BARTOK (1881-1945)

   «Romanian Folk Dances» for Violin and Piano


Z. KODALY (1882-1967)

  Sonatina for Violoncello and Piano


B. MARTINŮ (1890-1959)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1

   Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano


S. PROKOFIEV (1891-1953)

   Five Melodies for Violin and Piano, op.35

   Sonata for Violin and Piano in f minor, op.80

   Sonata for Flute/Violin and Piano in D major, op.94


W. SCHULTHESS (1894-1971)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano, op.8


P. HINDEMITH (1895-1963)

   Sonata for Viola and Piano op.25 No.1


F. POULENC (1899-1963)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano

   Sonata for Clarinet and Piano


G. AHTHEIL (1900-1959)

   Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2



   Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in d minor, op.40

   Sonata for Violin and Piano op.134


N. ROTA (1911-1979)

   Divertimento Concertante for Double Bass and Piano


J. FRANÇAIX (1912-1997)

   Variations for Clarinet and Piano


G. GERSHWIN (1898-1937) - I. FROLOV

   Fantaisie «Porgy and Bess»



 Piano Trios & and other



J. HAYDN (1732-1809)

   Piano Trio in G major «Gypsy», Hob. XV:25

   Piano Trio in G major, Hob. XV:32


W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)

   Kegelstatt-Trio in E flat major, KV 498

   Piano Trio in B flat major, KV 502


L. van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)

   Variations for Piano Trio on «Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu», op.121a


M. GLINKA (1804-1857)

   Piano Trio «Pathètique» in d minor


C. FRANCK (1822-1890)

   Piano Trio in f sharp minor, op.1


J. BRAHMS (1833-1897)

   Trio for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano in a minor, op.114


C. SAINT-SAENS (1835-1921)

   Tarantella for Flute, Clarinet and Piano


A. DVOŘÀK (1841-1904)

   Piano Trio «Dumky»


S. RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)

   Piano Trio in g minor «Èlégiaque»


A. SCHOENBERG (1874-1951)

   «Pierrot Lunaire»


M. RAVEL (1875-1937)

   Piano Trio in a minor


J. TURINA (1882-1949)

   Piano Trio in b minor, op. 76



   Piano Trio in c minor, op.8

   Piano Trio in e moll, op.67


Boris TCHAIKOVSKY (1925-1996)

   Piano Trio in b minor




Piano Duo/Piano in Four Hands



W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)

   Fantaisie in f minor for Piano and Four Hands

   Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, KV 448

   Larghetto and Allegro in E flat major for Two Pianos


F. SCHUBERT (1797-1828)

   Fantaisie in f minor, D 940


F. CHOPIN (1810-1849)

   Rondo for Two Pianos in C major, op.73


F. LISZT (1811-1886)

   Concerto Pathétique for Two Pianos


J.BRAHMS (1833-1897)

   «Ungarn Dances» for Piano and Four Hands


C. SAINT-SAENS (1835-1921)

   Variations on a Theme of Beethoven for Two Pianos,  op.35

   «Danse Macabre»


C. DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

   «Petite Suite» for Piano and Four Hands


S.RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)

   Suite No.1 for Two Pianos

   «Symphonic Dances» for Two Pianos, op.45


W. LUTOSLAWSKY (1913-1994)

   Variations on a Theme of Paganini for Two Pianos


Chick COREA (born 1941)

   «Contest» for Two Pianos


S. PROKOFIEV (1891-1953) - M. PLETNEV (born 1957)

   «Cinderella Suite» for Two Pianos




Voice and Piano



G.F. HÄNDEL (1685-1759)

   «Neun Deutsche Arien»


W.A. MOZART (1756-1791)

   «Das Veilchen»

   «An Chloe»

   «Dans Un Bois»


F. SCHUBERT (1797-1828)

   «Die junge Nonne»


H. BERLIOZ (1803-1869)



R. SCHUMANN (1810-1856)

   Chosen Songs


J. BRAHMS (1833-1897)

   «Von ewiger Liebe»

   «Vier ernste Gesänge»


M. MUSSORGSKY (1839-1881)

   «Children´s Corner»

   «Dances and Songs of Death»


P. TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893)

   Chosen Songs


E. GRIEG (1843-1907)

   Six Songs op.48


G. FAURE (1845-1924)

   «Le Secret»

   «Aprés un réve»


H. WOLF (1860-1903)

   Chosen Songs


G. MAHLER (1860-1911)


   «Das irdische Leben»


C. DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

   «Trois Chansons de Bilitis»


R. STRAUSS (1864-1949)



   «Die Georgine»


P. GRAENER (1872-1944)

   «Palmström singt. Sieben Galgenlieder», op.43


S. RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)

   Chosen Songs


R. HAHN (1874-1947)


   «A Chloris»


E. W. KORNGOLD (1897-1957)




X. MONTSALVAGE (1912-2002)

   «Cinco canciones negras»


L. BERNSTEIN (1918-1990)

   «Piccola Serenata»



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